Our Journey

Cheryl Founder of Cole&Rider

A little about me and how I found comfort and peace in the world of fragrance and candles.

I've always had a love for candles, particularly after a hectic day at work.  Just being able to have those relaxing moments, bath running, favourite candles lit, just having that time out to reflect on the day but more importantly 'Time For Me!' Not always easy I know! I sometimes have to convince myself that it's ok to relax?!

Candles really became a huge daily part of my life when I lost my Son Cole on Christmas Day 2017.  In his memory, I started to burn a candle every day, they gave me comfort when I needed it most. 

Mum was my candle buyer, both of us gaining a lot of empty candle containers (wow, so much wax left I was curious?) so I decided to investigate further.

My first recycled candle was made.  Mum, my helper, cleaning the old wax from the jars, special times.  Experimenting with some gorgeous scents.  I realised how much I'd really missed my creative side.  I was loving every minute.  It gave me a new focus.  Sadly I lost Mum April 2020. 

I woke up one morning in summer 2020 and knew I had to start taking this more seriously.

Before I knew it my new workshop was created, research began, candles tested and re tested, (burning candles everywhere)......it was amazing.  A new journey, a new business, Cole&Rider in honour of them both.

In a world that has been so hectic, for the first time creating beautiful candles has given my heart a little bit of peace and a therapy in it’s own right! 

Thank you for spending the time browsing.  I really hope you enjoy my new fragrances and products as much as I love making them.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated to info@coleandrider.com

Always remember, you also deserve 'Time For You'. 

C x