White Mandala Wax/Oil Burner

White Mandala Wax/Oil Burner

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About this Collection

An elegant white ceramic burner featuring a beautiful detailed cutout Mandala design with wood-effect ceramic base.  The Mandala is a piece of art that gives meaning to your home but at the same time creates a relaxing environment.  A popular favourite to fit in with any decor

How to Use 

Place fragrance wax melts into the built-in dish with a standard tealight inside.  Place one piece of wax melt at a time until the required melted wax fill is reached.  Do not overfill the wax melt burner initially as the wax will overspill.  Your Burner is now ready to fill your home with your favourite fragrances. 

Leave to cool before moving or cleaning.  

About Wax/Oil Burners

Available in a range of various styles for all seasons and occasions.  These elegant burners let you enjoy the exceptional fragrances from our range of Wax Melts for hours.  Choose from our beautiful range of Wax Melt Fragrance and Essential Oils


14cm x 8cm