Wax & Mix (3 Packs)

Wax & Mix (3 Packs)

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Wax & Mix

Do you find it difficult to choose a Fragrance from a description?

Why not choose 3 Wax Melt packs in different fragrances.  You can add as one fragrance to your burner/warmer or you can create your own unique fragrance by mixing several cubes of different fragrances together.

Cole&Rider Wax Melts are all handpoured using only the finest sourced materials 

and tested to perfection!

Each wax melt pack contains 6 x 8g cubes diffusing over 120 hours of luxurious fragrance. 

Beautifully carved individual pieces that you can burn for hours in our Elegant Burners

* 100% Soy Wax
* Vegan Friendly
* Cruelty-Free 

* Eco-Friendly Packaging

We appreciate Fragrance is unique to each individual so we have created Fragrance Collections to help you find your perfect scent. Fragrance Collections.